List of Different Types of Cocktail Shakers

If you are having a party or to set up a bar at your home you need to know about Cocktail Shakers. There are two different types of shakers like Traditional cocktail shaker & Boston shaker. Traditional cocktail shaker has a built-in strainer & the Boston shaker requires a Hawthorne strainer. You can also buy designers shakers which are also good. Please check out gulpologist suggests best cocktail shakers available.

Quick Strain Tins
(Boston shaker) 

WMF Boston Shaker
(Boston shaker)

Zack Contas Boston Shaker
(Boston shaker)

Alessi Boston Shaker
(Boston shaker)

Oenophilia Stainless Steel & Glass Boston Shaker
(Boston shaker)

Metrokane Bullet Cocktail Shaker
(1930’s bullet shaker design)

Screwpull Cocktail Shaker
(Screwpull shaker)

Metrokane Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker
(Flip-Top shaker)

Oxo Good Grips Plastic Cocktail Shaker
(Plastic shaker)

Trudeau Cosmo Cocktail Shaker
(Traditional cocktail shakers)